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Map the Ocean

Market Intel

Market Analysis

Market Segmentation


Ascertain your Position

Market Position Analysis

Competition Analysis

Opportunity Mapping



Plan your Route

Portfolio Strategy

Go to Market Strategy

Sales & Marketing Strategy



Head to your Target

Portfolio Refinement

New Product Definition

Business Execution


Our Process

Navigation [ˌnævɪˈgeɪʃən]

"Navigation is the process of accurately mapping the ocean you want to sail on, ascertaining your position, planning your route and reach your destination while safely adapting to new influences."

Admiral Strategy Partners is focused on helping small and medium sized businesses in the recreational marine industry build and execute strategies in order to realize their true global potential by performing this general process. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation to define your specific project.

Our Services

Our Approach


Our Services

Admiral Strategy Partners is specialized on helping small and medium sized companies in the recreational marine industry build and execute strategies in order to create create profitable market share and realize their rue global value.

we act
Marine Industry Strategy Advisor

Free Consultation

Whether you are looking to enter into new markets or segments, or require external expertise to run your new product development project - 'Business is People's Business'. So get in touch with us today and tell us about your needs and how you expect to be supported.

Die Mauer der Ideen

Project Cooperation

Defined Start, End and Goal - Projects are the typical way of supporting your certain areas of business with external expertise. 


Interim  Management

Our solution for your operational bottlenecks: we provide flexible, versatile managerial staff with general management experience and an appropriate professional background in the marine industry. Either for a limited period of time, a certain amount of days per month or by serving as non-executive directors for your entity.  


Our Approach


Open Mindset and clear marine focus

A compass is the instrument used for navigation and orientation that shows direction relative to "true north". Our mindset and approach is reflected in our compass rose logo:

  • We are open to capture your demands

  • We look ahead to achieve future goals

  • We explore to identify new opportunities

  • We show clear directions

  • We create easy to understand statements 

  • Our center of gravity is the marine industry

Why us?

---work in progress...

  • Our core competency is in Your core market

  • We are experienced players in this market

  • We are really hands-on

  • We got "dirty fingers" in boatyards ourselves

  • WE have been YOU before

we convince
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