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The majority of small and medium sized companies in the recreational marine industry are not maximizing their potential outside of their core geographies.


Recreational Marine

Industry Experts

Admiral Strategy Partners is specialized on helping small and medium sized companies in the recreational marine industry:

build and execute strategies in order to realize their true global potential

build profitable market share within and outside of their current segment and region

stay tuned on new technology such as 'Smart' or 'Integration' solutions and 'Digital' business models, as well as innovative Yacht Design, Tooling and Production methods.

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The Global Potential of the industry is huge and growing further


Marine Industry AMER

US Market Size 2019

$ 22.4 Billion

Expected CAGR


US Market Size 2026

$ 30.5 Billion


Global Potential

Global Market Size 2019

$ 43.0 Billion

Expected CAGR


Global Market Size 2026

$ 63.0 Billion


Marine Industry EMEA

Europe Market Size 2019

$ 17.2 Billion

Expected CAGR


Europe Market Size 2026

$ 25.0 Billion

Opportunity for US Companies

Europe offers different market segmentation such as Superyachts and highly equipped Cruising Boats


$20 Billion additional Global Opportunity

projected until 2026


59% of expected global growth

outside of US / AMER markets

Opportunity for European Companies

European companies export to other European countries 3x more than to other regions of the world


European companies export to other European countries 3x more than to other regions of the world


61% of expected global growth

outside of European markets

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Strategy Partners

Navigating such a fragmented and diverse industry can be a challenge for many organizations wanting to expand globally.

Admiral Strategy Partners are your safe pilots. Our team is made up of seasoned executives that have held leadership positions in both multi-national companies and small organizations in the marine industry and support you in the relevant areas.

Visualize Your Potential

Successful companies all have one thing in common – they identify opportunities through a thorough understanding of their markets.  Admiral Strategy Partners can provide you with a data-driven foundation for your strategy including:

- Market Analysis

- Market Intelligence

- Competitive Analysis

- Opportunity Mapping

Develop Your Strategy

Wheter you are entering a new market or re-evaluating your existing ones, you need to define the right strategy grow your business in new segments or areas. Benefit from Admiral Strategy Partners experience in:

- Overall Business Strategy

- Portfolio Strategy

- Go to market Strategy

- Sales & Marketing Strategy 

Refine Your

The final key element to create sustainable and profitable revenue streams are solid, innovative and market relevant products. We help you define and package those by:

- Product Refinement 

- Product  Management

- Product Development

- Competition Benchmarking

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Strong global megatrends such as 'eMobility' and 'Smart Solutions' will cause game changing effects for the marine industry. All businesses need to adopt to this 'Future of Boating' to be successful.


Vessel Integration and Smart Boating Technology in progress...

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